Enter The Black Mirror Labyrinth!

The image of me is an illusion –
Look through my eyes and see yourself!
Look through mirrors eyes and see yourself!
Look through death’s eyes … and see yourself!

Look with no mind and look with no eyes.

Become the realized teacher,
the successful student,
the insane sociopath
the person reading this.

Dive deep and meet yourself
in the black mirror of illusion!

You are in the black mirror labyrinth!

Polish your screen.

Stop seeing things as they are, start looking at things as they are being created.

When you see something created, you also see yourself created. Create the mirror.

The same mirror that shows your old face as it is, also shows the world as it is.

Imagination is the polishing cloth.

The cleaner you polish
the mirror you become.

Polish the mirror! Open your eyes – look inside – all is mirror
– you are the time, look around – you are the mirror you are,
all around you is mirror inside you is mirror – you are mirror.

Look deep inside your self – see past, future and present mirrors make you every dream come true.
Twist your imagination, the mirror changes without notice when meaning starts looking through you. –

And if this concept still seems to easy for everyone to understand look at your hands now and say to yourself: “Mirror Hands!”

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