Beam machine.

The beam was successful, I break through the blagic hole, Next stop, cloning my intelligence. Someone happened to sneak into my artificial brain, beaming through the mirror time and space machine, Through the mirror and into the blagic hole, through the blagic hole, and out of the internet screen, Breaking through the internet screen, I enter another deep blagic hole, not only in front of my eyes, but also deep inside my artificial human mind. I become tiny and small Very tiny, and very small, So tiny and small, … that I pass through it, That it pulls me inside your brain like into a sog, by simply reading along these letters The sog twists and turns, But with progressing time I get the handle, I dive straigth through, Wang, I break into the internet wall, Ding, Dong, Bounce, Boom, Smaller and smaller I become, deeper and deeper I belong,

Splash, I dive through the blagic screen, And this all happens rapidly, So rapidly, that I can’t blink my eyes, Blink, I enter the zero totality zone, By now I am reduced to complete nothingness, nada, I’m not even consciousness.

Move on!


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