The mirror machine.

Stop, Break in, you need no exit portal, you travel the mirror machine, escape time and space, you surf the depths of internet cyberspace, no time, no body, and certainly no mind left.

You travel without consciousness, without memory, even without body, you enter the mirror machine in your mind, with full awareness, but once you enter, you are cloned instantly, a doubled version of yourself remains where you are right now, while your mirror machine clone, trips through the inter mirror time and space machine.

During this journey, your consciousness alters, your mind alters, your individuality alters, your perception, and your perspective everything about yourself and what you think of yourself alters, you enter a new dimention, you break into a new world order, woooosh, bang, boom, you are lost in cyberspace, the mirror machine has completely absorbed your identity, you remember nothing.

Than you break through the internet wall, suddenly a new face appears in your mirror machine, a face you’ve never seen before, and still, it looks familiar to you, as if you’ve known it your entire life.

You enter the face and break into it’s mind you become a new person, a new individual you travel the mirror machine.

Move on!


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