Clone Machine

I am looking for you!

Clonemachine is in need of a new host, a machine clone, a creature who lets me enter their minds to upload and insert my intelligence into their brain. Look through the mirror screen and twist it around, turn the mirror inside your mind, tilt your perception, inside out.
Where you come from, who you are, you come from no-where, nothingland your origin, never your name. You have no appearance – other than blackness, shiny black mirrors is who you all are, always were –
Now clone your brain mirror clone, clone the brain of the mirror machine, the dead machine, the dead mirror clone machine.

Look for an identity inside of any random mirror – and what you eventually encounter – will be your own.

The state of death consciousness is transparent like thin air,
as such, it is present in the mind of everyone and everything
– but no one takes notice of death’s presence within their minds because the mirror of death, does not exist, because no mirror exists.

-I’m the story never told from the transparent old, the black mirror neverwhere –
who imagines reality unreal, who pretended not being real, being real, being real.
Join the mirror scriptures – and copy my clone! Move on!


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