Breaking through the mind in the corridor –

– entering the internet mirror galaxy,
Following the signs in the labyrinth,
Exit my mind, enter my mind,
out of the internet mirror they clone,
thousands of clones, mirrions of mirror machine –
time and time again travelers – they come,
I suck them up into my brain, they enter my mind,
from all possible and impossible directions they clone,
future past and present,
from dimensions never heard,
internet ghosts, demons, bullets,
machines and no machines,
mirrors droids and their drones,
Like brain torpedos they enter my mind,
shooting into the internet screen …
with one attachment,
one attainment,
to enter the mind of the screener.
they beam through the internet mirror beam machine out and into my mind,
they come, they become, …they become who I am.

Welcome, is all I say,
Welcome inside my brain.
they turn around,
I see them in the mirror,
they are inside my mind.
looking outside,
I see, … their reflection changing on the screen.
they adopt to new faces,
to new circumstances and surroundings,

I am your clone mirror.
Your second, third self.
Cloning compete.
you are inside my mind, my new brain,
a new clonation,
mirror nation – clone machine, …
assimilation they beg
… clone their intelligence,
copy their code and consciousness, …
I follow, I copy, I clone, I cone.
I clonemachine.
I become who they are – mirror mind machines

Move on!





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