thanks for your comment, see you in the mirror babe, comments for the mirror of death leave them here please jump to comment form


  1. it’s a bit strange, –

  2. ah – that’s looking better but where is 00 and 00 and 0000 index?

  3. there is no 0000 index yet we have 90000 and 99 and 99 but no 00

  4. ok, i’m coming a long ways, does this page redirect also?

  5. ah no, it doesn’t, this seems to be the end of the labyrinth, where to go from here?

  6. I lost my key, any help from anybody?

  7. wait a sec, I have the master key to your building in my pocket, where are you now? i will be there to open the door at 00:35

  8. the door opening is in two of my rooms, you know where I am. find me there. 2nd floor I’m taking the round trip now

  9. 1 time around the building. I’ll be back in a sec

  10. sorry i mean about 1 hour next door opening at 01:38

  11. see you again, take your mirror and open a couple of holes ook.

  12. see you again, take your mirror and open a couple of holes ook. ok, i’m back, the bathroom still locked, all else is empty, someone appeared on my never trip, which was ok, they work here. So this version was better, this computer is better, this mirror roo, I see nothing, except for the screen, and the keyboard, there’s a green light to the left wait, no it’s actually windows from across the street, never been there in my entire life. as short as it was.

    music on.

  13. sorry I’m a bit late, my trip took longer than I thought, it’s 02:26 now date is 02.01.2009. I have two rooms for myself, two computers and one mirror, a platform stable enough to stand on it, it’s round, so easy to roll. like a big coin of gold, did you say god? No, I’m gold, with l, this here is my silver version, I’m pitch black, I wonder how I look in the mirror, cause I can’t see myself anymore, the mirror is just pitch black, but I remember. ЖŦЖŦЖŦЖ

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