Into my mind.

Now enter my mind, look through my eyes, look at my screen,
hold my hand pull me through, out of the screen, the black mirror screen.
But watch out that I’m not pulling you inside.

Into my mind. My deep black mirror mind.
Cause there is a labyrinth inside my mind, with no escape.
enter my black mirror labyrinth.
Walk straight through my mind.
All the way through, down to the center of my imagination,
my deep black imagination.

So you walk down the hallway of my imagination, until you come to a dark door,
enter the room and shot the door.
There’s no one inside, except for yourself,
no one except for yourself, you and my imagination.
You and my mirror, my echo, echo, echo, echo mirror machine.

Now look around in this dark room,
there’s nothing to see, nothing absolutely nothing,
so walk straight ahead through the darkness.
And take a seat, on my turning chair, you’re in the center of my imagination now, my deep black imagination.

take a seat, don’t be shy, make yourself comfortable, in the chair of my imagination.

Relax for a moment or two, enjoy complete darkness,
let deaths shadow fully absorb your identity, and loose yourself,
in the reversed mirror of my black imagination.

And by the time you totally forget, forget, forget who you are, and what you came neverwhere for,
remembering not the look of your self in my mirror,

remembering not the path who brought you neverwhere, to this most silent of places in existance.
remembering neverwhere, neverthing, neverthang, neverthong.

Letting go of all past fictions, words and thoughts, of every attain and attachment, of all memories, all memories fade into fatas and morganas.

And by the time you completely loose your memory, loose your mind, your fantasy, your imagination, your everything, absorbed by deathness absolute.

By that time, neverwhere turns whiter than white, snow white.

And snow white slowely begins to awake from a dream they just can’t remember.

Can’t remember the look of their selves in their mirrors, can’t remember the how and my, remember nothing, nothang, neverthang.

They’ve entered a world of freedom and peace. Freedom and peace. Freedom and peace.

Now white is still black all around my chair, but as you sit here,
blackness appears transparent in the mirror of my imagination,

Wake up, there’s a computer screen underneath my chair, and it’s appearance is black, pitch black,
but you don’t see it, because you’re looking out of my screen.
So touch the screen. Yes, touch me.

And as you touch my screen,
my mirror turns black,
and there’s countless black and transparent mirrors popping up all around surrounding you,
so black and transparent that you never take notice.

The chair has wheels and spins in circles.
From one screen to the next. Enter the screen, and it takes you into a new room,
again full of new screens.

As you focus your attention on any random screen,
and touch it, with my eyes.
immediately it sucks you out of my imagination out of my room,
and you’ll be surrounded by all the things which make up your life.

Now take the screen from underneath my chair, and look inside,
look through the screen, you don’t see it, neverwehre.


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