top: transparent https://ghostgate.wordpress.com/2000/00/00/again/never/
location top view north crossover ghost gate: 99/north

ghost gate south crossover 99/south

round trip east https://ghostgate.wordpress.com/2000/00/00/again/never/33/east/north/

round trip west https://ghostgate.wordpress.com/2000/00/00/again/never/33/west/north

  1. just out of curiosity going 01/south – I’m actually more interested in 01/east

  2. Back from the 01/south trip now going 01/east

  3. Back from the 01/east trip testing 33/north/east

  4. Back from the 33/north/east trip testing 01/north/east

  5. Back from the 01/north/east trip testing 01/north/

  6. Back from the 01/north/ trip I hope this is my last comment going 01/west/

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