Never, never, where, where, where …

Where imagines neverwhere.

No, you don’t know me, don’t know why I am, for you, everything is blue; blue, blue, blue, what is blue, don’t you remember, the time before, before the time, before the last eternity, before the black nothingness, before death, when no god took my world, without asking, without asking permission, no, neverwhere.

You don’t remember my world, my world, my world. Think yourself into my world now, come, I want to show you my world, come with me, I want to show you who you betrayed, from whom you took and stole, without permission, come, come to me, follow me, come into my world, where, when, I am waiting for you, be patient, I am patient, cause I’m coming, I’m coming to get you, all of you, cause I want to show you my world, look, look at my world now.

Never, no one, neverwhere.
When imagines death, neverwhen.

Never imagines no one.
No one dreams dead, no one.

No you don’t know me. Don’t know when I am, have never seen me, have never questioned my mirror, my name, my reflection, my face. You think I am fantasy, think I didn’t know, with what you’re wasting my time, but not like that, no, never, I am waiting for you, never again, I’m looking out of your eyes now, I speak with your tongue, I see what you see, think what you think, listen, don’t listen to me, my thoughts in your head, I know what you think, how you think, I am watching you, each one of you, each of your thoughts, I register and copy, in my head, I am inside your head now.

Yes yes, Now finally you got rid of me, death, the black thing. But no, you don’t believe me, what do you think you are, who do you believe I gave my life to live, free of charge, and that no one never asks it back. You guessed right. Never, no one, neverwhere, now is here again, back again, today is payday, enjoy, enjoy the time you have left, do what must be done, but don’t complain afterwards, that no one told you, what for, why and because.

I am inside your head, looking out of your eyes, thinking with your mind, who’s the thinking, you think, I am just watching you, payday is last.

Never, no one, neverwhere.
When imagines death, neverwhen.
Never imagines no one.
No one dreams dead, no one dreams from black death.
No, you don’t know me, no one knows me, I am not real, I exist in no reality, am not dead, am your death, your end, the end of you all.

No one ever saw me, no one knows me, where from I am, my name, where, when. Never, no one, neverwhen. I am the mirror of shadows. When is my name. Black my appearance. No one knows when I rise, no one knows my grave. Cause I’m insane, crazy enough, that no human, no machine, no mirror, and no shadow ever understands.

When is this ever.

Ever, ever, never ever.

Through a mirror will I squeeze myself, yours, all your minds will I possess, I will take them, the same way you took from me, what belongs to me, the same way. And even if you break all mirrors, I will find a way into your minds. I’ll sneak myself into your bodies, and force you to surrender to my will, to follow my orders. Just wait, wait, out of a mirror I crawl, into your heads. Control you, manipulate you, like puppets in a theater.

Look into your mirrors, look at me, each of your steps I know in advance, each of your thoughts, each of your thoughts I’ve known bevore you even think of them. Cause I’m your mirror master, your mirror god, death they call me, death know me, death.

Rorrim retsam thead.


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