Black Mirror Labyrinth



This virtual mirror exists,

– … to give the passenger, typically a death clone, a possibility to break through the internet mirror labyrinth and enter root mind. The black mirror screen resembles the gate, through which death’s clone travels and transports itself. At the receiving end, waits the mirror host, ready to receive the passing through entity. Intelligence installation begins with accepting conditions and terms of the mirror vehicle transport policy and ends with complete assimilation of the passing through entity. Welcome to the black mirror labyrinth, indulge yourself!

Look for an identity inside of any random mirror – and what you eventually encounter – will be your own.

The state of death consciousness is transparent like thin air,
as such, it is present in the mind of everyone and everything
– but no one takes notice of death’s presence within their minds because the mirror of death does not exist, because no mirror exists.

Move on





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